Commonly used abbreviations in php

While working with php or when we talk about php, some abbreviations are more frequently used. I have compiled some most commonly used abbreviations. Here is the list.


    AJAX  =>  Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
    API   =>  Application Programming Interface
    ASCII =>  American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    CMS   =>  Content Management System
    CSS   =>  Cascading Style Sheet
    CGI   =>  Common Gateway Interface
    CLI   =>  Command Line Interface
    DB    =>  DataBase
    DNS   =>  Domain Name System
    DOM   =>  Document Object Model
    FTP   =>  File Transfer Protocol
    GD    =>  Graphics Draw | Gif Draw
    HTML  =>  Hypertext Markup Language
    HTTP  =>  Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    HTTPS =>  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
    IP    =>  Internet Protocol
    IIS   =>  Internet Information Services
    JS    =>  JavaScript  
    JSON  =>  JavaScript Object Notation
    LAMP  =>  Linux Apache MySQL PHP
    MAMP  =>  Macintosh Apache MySQL PHP
    MIME  =>  Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
    OOP   =>  Object Oriented Programming
    PCRE  =>  Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
    PEAR  =>  PHP Extension and Application Repository
    PECL  =>  PHP Extension Community Library
    PHP   =>  Hypertext Preprocessor
    PDO   =>  PHP Data Objects
    POSIX =>  Portable Operating System Interface
    RegEx =>  Regular Expression
    REST  =>  Representational State Transfer
    RSS   =>  Really Simple Syndication
    SAPI  =>  Server Application Programming Interface
    SOAP  =>  Simple Object Access Protocol
    SPL   =>  Standard PHP Library
    SMTP  =>  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
    SQL   =>  Structured Query Language
    INI   =>  INItialization
    SEO   =>  Search Engine Optimization
    PING  =>  Packet InterNet Groper
    SSH   =>  Secure SHell
    SSL   =>  Secure Sockets Layer
    UCS   =>  Universal Character Set
    URI   =>  Uniform Resource Identifier
    URL   =>  Uniform Resource Locator
    UTF   =>  Unicode Transformation Format
    WAMP  =>  Windows Apache MySQL PHP
    WWW   =>  World Wide Web
    XAMPP =>  X (any of four different operating systems) Apache MySQL PHP & Perl
    XML   =>  eXtensible Markup Language
    XML-RPC=> XML Remote Procedure Call
    XSS   =>  cross Site Scripting

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